A Guide to The Perfect Spa Day in Cheltenham

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    Whether you’re planning a spa day in Cheltenham with your partner, your friend or family, the town’s spa offerings cater to diverse preferences. The combination of regency charm, lush surroundings, and the wonderful range of spa experiences makes Cheltenham an ideal destination for those seeking a rejuvenating and indulgent gateway.

    The emphasis on self-care during spa breaks encourages individuals to disconnect from the demands of daily life, fostering a holistic approach to health that includes both physical and mental dimensions. Indeed, spa treatments such as massages, facials, and aromatherapy not only pamper the body but also stimulate circulation and detoxification, promoting skin health and a sense of overall vitality.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential elements of creating a luxurious and relaxing spa day experience in Cheltenham.

    Things to Consider When Planning Spa Days in Cheltenham

    Choosing the Right Hotel Spa

    Cheltenham boasts various elegant spas and hotels, each offering unique treatments and settings. Consider your preferences and tastes – whether you’re looking for a contemporary spa with modern amenities or a more traditional establishment with a historic ambience.

    Planning Your Spa Day

    Planning is key to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable spa break. Contact your chosen spa in advance to book your treatments, ensuring availability and allowing time for any pre-booking requirements. The right spa package should include a mix of treatments, like a full body massage and a deep cleansing facial. It could also include an afternoon tea or other activity for a complete and well-rounded experience.

    Arrival and Welcome

    Arriving at the spa sets the tone for your day. Most spas in Cheltenham pride themselves on providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. Expect a friendly welcome, and take the time to explore the spa facilities and surroundings before your spa treatments begin. A stroll through beautiful gardens can be a nice way to begin a relaxing day.

    Tailored Treatments

    Cheltenham’s spas offer a range of treatments designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a deep tissue massage to release tension or a rejuvenating facial to enhance your skin’s glow, the expert therapists in Cheltenham are here to ensure a personalised and memorable experience. It’s also worth noting that some Cheltenham spa buildings offer special treatments tailored for pregnant guests.

    Lunch And Dining Options

    Many spas in Cheltenham offer healthy dining options, allowing you to enjoy a nutritious meal or refreshing drink between treatments. Consider opting for a spa package that includes a light lunch, an afternoon tea or snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

    Relaxation Spaces

    Take full advantage of the spa’s relaxation areas to prolong the serenity of your spa day. Whether it’s a cosy lounge overlooking manicured gardens or a quiet outdoor terrace, these spaces are designed to help you better unwind and enjoy the moment.

    Mindfulness and Wellness Activities

    Some spas in Cheltenham go beyond traditional treatments by offering mindfulness and wellness activities. Check if your chosen spa provides yoga classes, meditation sessions, or access to fitness facilities to enhance your overall well-being during your spa day.

    Top 5 of The Best Spa Hotels in Cheltenham And Surroundings

    1. The Greenway Hotel and Spa

    Shurdington Rd, Shurdington, Cheltenham GL51 4UG

    The Greenway Hotel and Spa, located on the outskirts of the Cotswolds, is a beautiful 16th Century Elizabethan manor house surrounded by eight acres of stunning countryside.

    With 4 AA Red Stars for exceptional service, the hotel features the sumptuous Elan Spa which offers a delightful spa experience where serenity meets opulence. The decor draws inspiration from the picturesque Cotswold surroundings, merging Gloucestershire countryside charm with a touch of glamour. Exposed brickwork, rustic beams, and elegantly appointed treatment rooms set the stage for an inviting atmosphere, ensuring an exceptional stay.

    The Elan Spa provides various spa packages for your experience at The Greenway Hotel and Spa to be a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication.


    • Al Fresco Hot Tub
    • Hydrotherapy Pool
    • Vitality Pool
    • Sauna & Steam Room
    • Fitness Suite

    Popular treatments:

    • The Champagne & Truffles Deluxe Facial
    • The Work it Out Body Massage
    • The AAAHHH! Leg & Foot Treatment

    What we particularly love:

    You can enjoy exquisite traditional afternoon teas and a selection of fine wines and cocktails at The Spa Café.

    2. C-Side Spa at Cowley Manor Experimental

    Cowley Manor, Cowley, Cheltenham GL53 9NL

    Experience the simplicity of nature and wellness at the C-Side Spa, where the beauty of the Cotswolds amplifies your self-care journey and immediately transports you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The C-Side Spa is an ideal sanctuary for some me time and a rejuvenating tonic for body and soul.

    With a range of comprehensive therapies, the spa is a haven of peace where every detail is designed to enhance your experience, from the calming aesthetic of the premises to the personalised care provided by a skilled team.


    • 4 Soothing Treatment Rooms
    • Sauna & Steam Room
    • Relaxation Area
    • Gym
    • Rainfall Showers

    Popular treatments:

    • Lime & Walnut Body Wrap
    • Collagen Hydra-Lift Facial
    • Energising Body Bliss

    What we particularly love:

    The emphasis on sustainability, with holistic remedies using organic products and the menu featuring seasonal ingredients from the property’s gardens.

    3. Ellenborough Park

    Southam Ln, Cheltenham GL52 3NJ

    The wonderful country house hotel awaits you just opposite Cheltenham Racecourse. Often named one of the Cotswolds’ favourite places to stay, spa and dine, Ellenborough Park is a magnificent establishment with a rich history and offers well-appointed rooms, delicious dining options, and event spaces.

    Designed to soothe your soul, the spa is at the heart of the historic, listed premises, making it the perfect place for those seeking a quiet afternoon or a lazy weekend dedicated to relaxation.


    • Sauna & Steam Room
    • Jacuzzi
    • Heated Outdoor Pool
    • Relaxation Karma Room
    • Gym

    Popular treatments:

    • Express Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Ellenborough Park Signature Treatment

    What we particularly love:

    Since summer 2023, you can privatise the luxury spa garden retreat which comes with a hot tub, a sauna and a lounging area – an ideal option for a group of friends and romantic gateways.

    4. The Hatherley Manor Hotel

    Down Hatherley Lane, Gloucester GL2 9QA

    Hatherley Manor Hotel is a distinguished establishment that blends historic charm with modern luxury, offering a peaceful escape, all set amidst lush landscapes.

    The hotel’s wellness facilities are sure to impress! From stunning bedrooms to the luxurious spa, the Hatherley Manor Hotel prioritises the well-being of its guests. Inspired by the Cotswold heritage, the spa offerings aim to create a pleasant and blissful retreat for those experiencing the stress of daily life.

    The groomed gardens and outdoor spaces provide a perfect backdrop for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the property.


    • Swimming and Vitality Pool
    • Thermal suite, which includes a sauna, a steam cabin and heated loungers.
    • Relaxation room
    • Gym

    Popular treatments:

    • The Bamboo Full Body Massage
    • Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage
    • ELEMIS Biotec 55-minute treatment

    What we particularly love:

    All thermal areas are restricted to 18 years and over.

    5. Gloucester Robinswood Hotel

    Gloucester Robinswood Hotel, Marlstone Close, Gloucester, GL4 6EA

    Looking for the perfect escape from everyday life with a wonderful spa break? The luxurious spa at Gloucester Robinswood Hotel offers everything you need to indulge in a full day of self-care, inviting you to leave stress behind.

    Open to guests of the hotel and non-residents, the spa treatments promote both physical and mental well-being, leaving each guest feeling refreshed, renewed, and pampered. Beyond the treatments, the teams’ commitment to your well-being shines through in the use of premium skincare products and expert techniques.


    • Swimming Pool
    • Spa Pool
    • Steam Room
    • Finnish Sauna
    • Fitness Centre

    Popular treatments

    • The Drift Away Relaxing Massage
    • The Rocks of The Mediterranean Hot Stone Massage

    What we particularly love:

    The group exercise classes offer a range of activities such as pilates, spin, legs bums and tums, and aqua classes, catering for every need.

    Final Thoughts

    A perfect spa day in Cheltenham is a blend of peaceful overnight accommodation, professional spa treatments and serene surroundings.

    By carefully selecting your spa, planning, and taking advantage of the comprehensive spa offerings, you’re sure to experience a day of pure relaxation and rejuvenation in this charming Cotswold town. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve and let Cheltenham’s spas take you to a world of serenity and bliss!

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