Tips for Hosting a Table

    Ensuring your business gets the most from your booking.

    Ahead of the event, give your guests all the information they’ll need, like details of the dress code if there is one. Ask about any dietary requirements, this is the perfect excuse to make contact, giving you the opportunity to get to know them even better and build excitement about the event.

    Think carefully about how to get the most out of your seating plan too. You’re in charge, so seat your most important guests nearest to you and try to avoid seating competitors next to each other.

    On the day, it’s a great idea to meet up beforehand. This breaks the ice and lets everyone get acquainted over a drink before the start of the event. Smile, make any introductions required and above all set a fun tone for the day.

    We take care of all the details so that you can relax and focus on your guests. If you plan to talk business with your guests throughout the day, just ease into it gradually. Good meaningful conversations lead to great relationships. You’ll have a great time and your guests will too.

    If you would like more help on how to run your day please get intouch with our team!

    You can reach us on 01786 232 529 or [email protected]

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